About Us

In the territory of Latvia, amber is known and processed for more than 6000 years, so due to its beauty and functionality it is known known as the jewel of the Baltic Region. Due to its wide application our ancestors` respect for this material, it is considered one of symbols of the Latvian beauty and identity.

Also Baltic Amber House has chosen amber as a sign of its identity not by chance, because we are united by the combination of qualities – beauty, practicality and exclusivity, endangered nowadays. However, as its top priority Baltic Amber House sets quality – here compromises will be excluded.

For this reason, Baltic Amber House has become the best distributor of the manufacturers` product categories related to building construction, renovation and improvement. We have already in practice demonstrated to our partners and customers the declared quality standards, the ability to effectively execute orders, prioritizing the quality, respect and realization of customers` dreams.

Quality guarantee from Baltic Amber House are not empty words. We can be assured about quality assurance due to a high level of responsibility of the long-standing team of professionals and careful selection of producers – only the very best manufacturers become our partners.